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Meet Cell Fusion C

Cell Fusion C is a clinic-based “Effect Derma brand” that focuses on improving troubled skin. Since its inception in 2001, their primary focus has been on post-treatment and skin care purposes. They have introduced numerous products that promote safe and effective solutions as well as harmful external substance-blocking products.

Brand Story

To achieve healthy and beautiful skin, Cell Fusion C first began with examining skin cells. This meant that we undertook a challenge towards advancing beauty in what we refer to as fusion cosmetics. By combining the two, Cell Fusion C was born. By pushing through the challenges, we created

We Believe in Confidence

Inner beauty, over superficial beauty. We believe in empowering “skin confidence” and allowing our customers to find their unique beauty within. With Cell Fusion C, maintain clear skin and feel comfortable in your own skin every day, all day. Our ultimate goal is to create “skin confidence” that can draw attention like a confident main character on a red carpet. A woman of confident attitude–gaining attention to her skin anytime and anywhere. That’s the persona of Cell Fusion C.

Best Seller

Laser Sunscreen 100 has attracted more than 10 million people as a “hypoallergenic skin care sun cream” that slows aging and protects skin from a variety of external stimuli, including ultraviolet and fine dust. This product has gained substantial attention and popularity ever since entering Olive Young, Korea’s representative H&B channel.

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