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At MBX, we believe that beauty should be fun, high quality, extremely efficacious, and serious at the same time.

We create unique brands that each have their own unique personalities and experiences that come along with it.

And when it comes to each brand’s products, we’re always thinking of you first - no matter your gender, age, or where you live. We create products that are both easy and fun to use because, let’s be real, you deserve a better experience with your skincare and makeup routines.

So how do we do it? We’ll let you in on a little secret, one that is rarely used in the beauty industry…we like to call it data. Yep, that’s right! Data is our secret sauce – it’s how we blend innovation, technology and analytics to create the next product, inspired by our community.

But data isn’t the only ingredient we need to make a memorable product. We won’t produce a new product unless it answers 3 important questions:

Is it truly innovative?

Is it accessible for beauty lovers around the globe?

Will it delight you?

While data & delight are at the forefront of our products, K-beauty & its latest technology are always at our roots. So you can expect us to continually bring you the highest performing products using the best, most efficacious ingredients.



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