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The Premium Vegan, d’Alba

d’Alba di Italy Born to deliver the health of a sanitary and ravishing village from the Piedmont Alba in Italy. d’Alba products are all infused with the world’s most prized ingredient, White Truffle, known as ‘underground diamond’.


In 23-79 A.D, according to ‘Naturalis Historia’ by Pliny the Elder, ancient Romans admired truffles at the kitchen table, duplicated the ancient Estruscans’s culinary use. Even until Renaissance, at the most reputable banquets all over Europe, truffles were often served at the table of the noble Caterina de’Medici and Lucrezia Borgia. Since then, truffle hunting became a popular entertainment among foreign ambassador… Compared to black truffles, White Truffles were only found in Italy, Piedmont which considered to be the most prized ingredient out of all truffles by all the courts of Europe for its aromatic flavor and nutritional value.

“Why not feed your SKIN instead?”

Our Founder, profoundly inspired by the story of the truffle, found that White Truffle is indeed one of the world’s most valuable substances used for not only consumption, also for cosmetics, containing large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B12, minerals, amino acids, which improve elasticity and antioxidant effects.

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