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One day, the midday sun was shining brightly, little children were playing happily. But the sunlight shining down on them the sunshine they were hoping for. Their tender skin was in need of need for sun care, To make their future brighter. a special brand called 'Kiztoz' was born 'Kiztoz' is the guardian of suncare for children. We take care of children's sun care from start to finish, providing special protection for the purest and most sensitive skin the purest and most sensitive skin. We want to protect our children's happy moments while maintaining healthy skin healthy skin while protecting the highest quality ingredients and sun care know-how know-how in sun care. Our products are safe to use on children's skin, and create beautiful memories. With 'Kiztoz', children can play freely in the sun. At Kiztoz, we make a promise to kids and parents. - We use only safe ingredients to protect your child's skin. - Combined with 20 years of sun care know-how, we offer optimal products. - We only create products that focus on parents and children.

Designed by CellFusionC

Kiztoz starts from Korea's Representative Sun Care Brand CellFusionC, 20 years of sun care manufacturing years of know-how. CellFusionC is a Korean clinic-based 'efficacy derma brand' that has been introducing various products for treatment and care after skin procedures since 2002. Currently, it operates products in various hospitals and offline channels in Korea, and among them, its sun care products are loved by many customers based on its technology and reliability. With cumulative sales exceeding 12 million units, is a representative staple of CellfusionC that has established itself in the sunscreen category at home and abroad as a 'hypoallergenic skincare sunscreen'. It began to be known through word-of-mouth as a cosmetic product that helps strengthen the barrier of damaged skin, and since entering Korea's leading beauty platform Olive Young in 2017, it has maintained its top ranking in the sun care category.


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