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Our Values

At Pinate, we are driven by a commitment to harmonize tradition and modernity. Our brand values are rooted in the rich tapestry of Korean traditional culture, inspiring us to create products that reflect both heritage and contemporary sophistication. We believe in the transformative power of nature, and our dedication to using plant-based ingredients grown in Korea is at the core of our values. Pinate is not just a beauty brand. It's a celebration of the timeless beauty that nature provides.

Design Concept

Pinate's design concept is a fusion of elegance and innovation. Each product is meticulously crafted to embody the grace of traditional Korean aesthetics while embracing modern simplicity. The packaging reflects our commitment to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials that align with our respect for nature. Our goal is to offer not just exceptional beauty products but also a visually captivating experience that mirrors the seamless blend of tradition and contemporary design.

Best Sellers

Explore our curated selection of best-selling items that embody the essence of Pinate:

1. Natural Bloom Lip Oil Serum

Unveil the natural beauty of your lips with our signature lip oil serum. Enriched with Korean-grown plant camellia extracts, it hydrates, plumps, and adds a touch of radiant color.

Join the Pinate Journey

Embark on a journey with Pinate, where tradition meets innovation, and nature intertwines with beauty. We invite you to embrace the unique allure of our brand and experience the transformative power of Korean-inspired beauty. Welcome to Pinate – where every product tells a story of heritage, nature, and elegance.



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