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Wooliliwoo is a brand for mothers who are willing to dedicate their youth for children.

For Chae Rim, a single mother who has lived her whole life as an actress, beauty was 'grooming' that took a lot of time and effort. As a single mother and a proud professional woman, the meaning of beauty has significantly changed: “Now I have to get my hair coloring done while my child is asleep and I can't even think of getting any of time-consuming hair treatment. Besides, I am reluctant to wear makeup because I want to hug my child every day.”

She named her brand Wooliliwoo, which means 'our gift', as the gift is not only for mothers but also for children (We are Gifts given to each other). Wooliliwoo's entire product range is quick and easy to use. Also, Wooliliwoo’s collection is made of mild organic ingredients since the cosmetics should be impeccable for all mothers and children. Enjoy simple and pure cosmetics: Created by a mother, Created for all working moms and children.

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