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[Barulab] 530 S-PEPTIDE AMPOULE PLUS - 2ml x 30pcs

[Barulab] 530 S-PEPTIDE AMPOULE PLUS - 2ml x 30pcs

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The 530 S-Peptide Ampoule+ is the first skincare product formulated with Substance Peptide BSP-11, an amino acid peptide chain known for its medicinal regenerative abilities. Being difficult to stabilize, up until now, it has only been used in medicine, but now the same healing properties can be safely applied to soothe troubled skin, fortify the skin barrier and restore elasticity.

The formula also contains Sacran B, a polysaccharide that retains 10 times more moisture than Hyaluronic Acid to deliver deep, lasting hydration.  

When glass ampoules are opened, microscopic traces of glass can enter the formula, posing serious health risks with prolonged use. For safety, hygiene and portability, each ampoule is packed into single-use pouches. 

- First cosmetic to contain BSP-11 amino acid complex formula

- Effectively heals, repairs damaged skin

- Deep hydration

- Individually packed for safety and hygiene (each box contains 30 pouches)

- Tested safe for sensitive skin


How To Use

- Recommended for daily use

- 30-day skin repair ampoule set



- Substance-P: Cell regeneration

- Sacran: Intense hydration

- MultiEX BSASM: natural plant complex that soothes sensitive skin

- Copper Tripeptide-1: Soothes and revitalizes for supple, radiant skin

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