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[Blithe] Anti-Polluaging Cleansing Water Himalayan Pink Salt 250ml

[Blithe] Anti-Polluaging Cleansing Water Himalayan Pink Salt 250ml

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Himalayan pink salt deep pore cleanser gentle mild sensitive skin anti aging pollution vegan clean

Anti-pollution and Anti-aging Cleansing Water


  1. Deep cleansing of various pollutants with 44% Himalayan Pink Salt: Thoroughly removes various pollutants and residue stuck in the skin surface with the osmotic pressure technology of Pink Salt
  2. Gentle, mild, and safe cleansing of makeup: The light essence water formula minimizes friction between the cotton pad and the skin for safe use on sensitive skin
  3. Nourishing and hydrating cleansing with rich mineral ingredients: The rich minerals of Pink Salt provide the skin with nutritious and high levels of moisturization during cleansing without leaving any feelings of tightness


We recommend our Cleansing Water for individuals who:


  • want to completely wipe away residues on the skin
  • need a non-irritating, gentle cleansing water
  • want to remove makeup completely
  • needs hydration for the skin after cleansing


Main ingredient - Himalayan Pink Salt
smart cleansing
powerful cleansing
How to use


The Himalayan Pink Salt with the pureness of the 

primitive ocean waters contains rich minerals to 

produce anti-inflammatory, calming, restorative, and sterilizing effects



  1. The Pink Salt particles cling onto and absorb impurities and makeup residue on the face without irritating the skin.
  2. The rich minerals leave a protective film on the skin's surface increasing hydration without any feelings of tightness.



The Pink Salt Cleansing Water gently but powerfully clings to and absorbs base makeup, 

eyeliner, and lipstick that are used every day for deep cleansing



  1. Soak a cotton pad with the cleansing water.
  2. Gently squeeze for 2-3 seconds and wipe along the skin texture, starting from the inside and working outwards.


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vegan clean beauty skincare for you environmental sustainability

BLITHE is Innovative + Clean Beauty

Innovative Beauty

Presenting an unprecedented skincare category with BLITHE's exclusive anti-pollution/anti-aging care that effectively responds to aging caused by urban pollution and a multi-tasking product that eliminates unnecessary steps of skincare.

Clean Beauty

BLITHE creates a clean beauty culture through the selection of raw ingredients from long-lived, clean regions that are suitable for sensitive skin by increasing the content of extract ingredients and minimizing irritation, as well as participation in progressive activities for saving the environment like taking and stand against animal testing and reduction of cosmetics.

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This product has not been tested on animals.


This product contains no synthetic fragrances, parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, or Formaldehyde.


This product is hypoallergenic.


This product contains no harsh ingredients and is safe to use for people with sensitive skin.

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